Dalibon Paris

Cars are your passion

You dream that the model of your

Aston Martin Bentley Bugatti

Ferrari Lamborghini Maserati

Mercedes Benz Porsche Rolls Royce

...or any other brand to become unique.

Class Luxe will offer your car the sparkled you wish for.

By personalising, transforming or even creating your car, with all its details,
Class Luxe will make it a unique and exceptional replica.
Covered in diamond, it becomes «  eternal » ! 
Adorned with stones of colour, it symbolises with spark, your personnality.

It has now become a decorative jewel-object, your car in « Evening gown » such a work of art,
will shine anytime and anywhere, sparking the interest of your relatives.
Especially because each car... drives.

An unlimited choice
an extreme
Custom made
The Art of gem
Partnership with